Stone Care Terminology

Stone and Tile Care Services Terminology



Removal of all dirt and foreign material (grout residue, paint, glue, tape, etc.) from the surface and grout joints.

We remove all dirt and foreign material (grout residue, paint, glue, tape, etc.) from the surface of your stone or tile. Professional deep cleaning helps keep your floors and surfaces in top condition, minimizing wear due to contaminants or grit and grime. We hand clean grout joints using special cleaners and a small brush, in addition to machine scrubbing.


Our grinding process aggressively sands the surface of the stone to remove deep scratches and lippage (leveling of uneven tiles). It flattens the surface and creates a "clean canvas" in preparation for honing, polishing, and restoration.

Grout Cleaning

Hand cleaning of grout joints using special cleaners and a small brush. Hand cleaning is done in addition to machine scrubbing.


A process that uses moderate to fine abrasives or grits intended to resurface the affected area by reaching to the bottom of scratches or pits. The surface will get smoother and will enable better polishing. The process will remove gloss finish, minor to moderate scratches and etch marks.


Monthly, quarterly or semi-annual programs designed to keep your stone looking beautiful all the time. Frequency is determined on the type of stone, traffic patterns and budget.


A process using a compound that usually will remove minor hazing, light water spots, micro scratches and minor etching. It will produce a high reflective finish.


Remove and replace existing caulking or grout and apply a new caulking. This will be done to:

  • Floors (between base board and the floor)
  • Showers (between walls and floor along the glass doors between bench and wall, etc.)
  • Counters (between splash and counter)
  • Around sinks in kitchens and bathrooms


Loose and missing grout is removed by a special machine (no dust!) and replaced with new grout. We also strengthen the bonding of the tiles with a special resin.

Repairs of Holes, Chips, and Cracks

Using a special patching material (epoxy, polyester glue) we refill holes, chips and cracks. Color will be matched as closely as possible.

Scratch Removal

We use a combination of diamond pads and abrasives to remove scratches from the surface of the stone.


A below the surface premium impregnating sealer that protects against penetration of dirt, moisture and stains. It will preserve the natural beauty of the stone.

Stain Removal

Removal of “below the surface” discoloration (food, drink, oil, metal, rust, algae, mildew, etc.) using a special poultice stain remover.


Sometimes it is necessary to remove water-base coatings, such as wax or acrylics or solvent-based coatings, such as urethane, varnish, lacquer from the surface of the stone. Our stripping process is extremely thorough.

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