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Solutions by area

We know what it takes to make your floors and surfaces reflect well on you.

Offering expertise in a wide variety of natural stone and tile, Royal Care Services is ready to make a dramatic difference in the appearance of your floors and surfaces. We are seasoned professionals who understand the unique challenges that each location or type of installation can present.


Your floors and stairs might be marble, limestone, granite, travertine, or tile & grout, but all floors and stairs present one common denominator…

People walk on them.

And that’s not all. Occasionally pets have accidents on them. Spills happen, water damage occurs. They can get scratched, etched. But at Royal Care Service, Inc., our technicians are highly trained to clean and resolve virtually every kind of issue on every type of natural stone or tile & grout floor. View case studies of some of the floors we have restored.

Are you in the Los Angeles area and have floors and stairs that need to be professionally cleaned, restored or protected? Contact us to discuss your needs and schedule a free stone evaluation.


Have your natural stone countertops, vanity tops or table tops lost their shine? Are they stained, scratched, etched or otherwise damaged? Are they darkening when they get wet?

Your countertops, vanities and table tops may see daily use and abuse, but they don’t have to look that way. We can repair, clean, polish, and restore marble, limestone, travertine, onyx, soapstone and other stone tops to like new, and protect them to keep them looking that way. Our technicians can not only resolve virtually any problem with your stone tops, but provide education in the appropriate care information for your specific needs, as well. View case studies of some of the countertops we have restored.

Ready to get your countertops, vanity tops, or table tops restored to like new and protected? Contact us today to schedule your free stone evaluation.

Bath & Showers

Etching, soap scum build-up, mildew, stains, or other damage can really diminish the elegance of your bath and shower space. With our expert cleaning and sanitizing, repair and restoration, and sealing services, your bathrooms can be restored to pristine once again.

We restore marble, limestone, travertine, and tile and grout floors, vanity tops, shower wall, and other surfaces in your bathroom. Our services include cleaning, sanitizing, honing, polishing, repairs, sealing, protection, and more, so your bathrooms always make a positive impression.

Are you in the Los Angeles area and would love to see your stone and tile bath and shower area restored to like new? Contact us today to schedule your free stone evaluation. You will be back to beautiful in no time.


Fireplaces tend to be a focal point in a room, but greasy soot can attract the wrong kind of attention. Unfortunately, the longer professional restoration gets put off, the harder it can be to clean. Let us take care of this messy chore and get your hearth and surround back to a pristine, like-new condition. We always mask and protect surrounding areas and our technicians will treat your property as carefully as if it were our own. We can deep clean your natural stone, brick, or tile so that your family and guests can once again feel comfortable gathering around the hearth on a frosty winter evening or a nippy fall morning.

Ready to get your stone fireplace restored to like new and protected? Contact us today to schedule your free stone evaluation.

natural stone fireplace


Exterior facades, walkways, patios, pool surrounds and other outdoor spaces are continuously exposed to wind and rain, temperature changes, and pollution, as well as grit, grime, and mildew. We restore the beauty of a wide variety of outdoor surfaces and provide customized solutions to protect against future damage. Our exterior services include cleaning and sealing, stain removal, resolving efflorescence issues, crack and chip repair, and more. View case studies of some of our outdoor jobs.

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