Travertine Pool Area Color Restored

  • Exterior Travertine Restoration This image was taken during the sealing process. Notice the difference between the sealed and unsealed stone.
  • Exterior Travertine Enhancing Professional travertine cleaning and sealing makes a dramatic difference.
  • Exterior Travertine Before This image was taken before any travertine restoration services.
  • Exterior Travertine After Here is the same area after it had been cleaned and the color enhancing sealer was applied.

Faded, Dirty Travertine

Brentwood, California homeowners called us because their travertine pool and patio area needed some professional attention. The floor and steps were faded and very dirty.

Our Travertine Restoration Process

First, we deep cleaned the travertine by honing it with special pads and honing powder. This removed a very thin upper layer of the stone, revealing the fresh, clean, undamaged stone underneath. Once the stone was completely dry, we applied a premium, color enhancing impregnator sealer.

As you can see, we brought back the luster and color of the stone. The homeowners were very pleased with the results and eager to invite guests over to enjoy their like-new pool and patio area.

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