Terra Cotta Patio Cleaned and Sealed

  • Terra Cotta Restoration This is what the terra cotta patio looked like when we first arrived, before we did any restoration work.
  • Terra Cotta Cleaning This is the same patio, after cleaning and sealing. What a difference!

Faded, Dirty Terra Cotta

This exterior terra cotta patio floor was faded, stained, and dirty. Los Angeles homeowners called us to find out whether the tiles would need to be replaced or if they could be restored. We assured them that professional restoration could give their terra cotta a like-new appearance and dramatically improve their back yard oasis.

Terra Cotta Restoration Cleaning and Sealing

First, we used safe, yet powerful and effective professional cleaning solutions to sanitize the tiles and remove the deeply embedded grime and contaminants. Then, we used a color-enhancing sealer to bring out the warm, rich color in the terra cotta tiles and to protect against the elements.

The homeowners were surprised at how amazing their pool area looked when we were done.

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