Marble Etch Damage Removed

  • Marble Etch Damage In the reflection of the overhead lights, you can see the etch damage on the marble finish.
  • Marble Etching Notice the way the light from the window reflects on the countertop, revealing etch damage.
  • Marble Honing and Polishing The honed and polished marble countertop shows no more signs of damage.
  • Marble Honed and Polished Our marble restoration process gave this marble an etch-free, glass-like finish.

Marble Countertops Showing Signs of Wear

Tustin homeowners contacted us because their Callacatta marble countertops were showing signs of wear. Subject to daily use, the marble had become stained and etched.

Our Marble Restoration and Protection Services

We honed and polished the marble to erase the damage and restore the beautiful factory finish. We also installed a special film to protect against future etch marks and make the surface impervious to stains. The homeowners were completely satisfied with our work.

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