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One of the important services that Royal Care Services, Inc. provides is stone and marble inspections.


Don is one of the founders and a vice president of Royal Care Services, Inc., a successful stone restoration and maintenance company. He is recognized and know well in the Los Angeles area for his extensive knowledge and dedication to the stone industry in the past 15 years.


Don has inspected, managed and supervised more then 3000 jobs in which he gained a lot of knowledge and experience. He always keeps abreast of new technology and innovations by attending regularly courses, seminars and participates in trade shows.


Don Harari is a certified marble and stone inspector by the IICRC 2005. (click here to view Inspector certification).

We perform Examinations, Evaluations and Recommendations. All services are accompanied with a detailed written reports.



Inspections cover:

  • New Installation Inspections.
  • Existing Installation  Inspections.
  • Slip and Fall testing.
  • Insurance Claims Investigations.
  • Expert Witness
  • Stain Removal testing
  • Restoration Procedures and Recommendations.
  • Maintenance Procedures and Recommendations.

We perform independent evaluation for single family homes, homeowners associations, institutional and commercial buildings.


The Inspection services are used by: Architects, Attorneys, Builders, Stone Dealers, Designers, Developers, General Contractors, Insurance Adjusters and Claims, Homeowners, Building Owners, Property Managers, Specialty Contractors, Real Estate Agents.


  • Performed more than 3000 job inspections.

  • Has 15 years experience in the field.

  • Conduct seminars about stone care to: builders, designers, architects, and property management.

  • Consultant to insurance companies.

  • Consistently participates in seminars, schools and trade shows.

  • Publishes bi-monthly newsletter “Stone Care News”  (the only one in U.S.A.).

  • Member of Marble Institute of America (since 1992).

  • Served in a committee in 1996, organized by MIA to set standards for restoration and maintenance of natural stone.

  • Has Bachelor and Masters degrees in Physical Education from Cal State Northridge.

What they are saying …… about Don


“…. I have consistently found you to be man of integrity and of knowledge of your profession”…. I have appreciated the fact that you work hard to achieve the product that the homeowner desires”.

Rodney Leard, Sequoia General Contractor, Agoura Hills


“…. I am equally impressed with you, your commitment to stone maintenance and to your ongoing efforts to continually improve upon the stone maintenance process. You always seem to be ahead of the other stone maintenance companies in the implementation of the latest innovative maintenance processes”…. You are a true professional and you produce a top quality product. It is a genuine pleasure to go business with you”

Carole W. Markum, Building manager, The Diplomat


“….Out of all of the different contractors that we dealt with for our new home, we found you to be the most reliable, responsible and know-ledgeable”.

Ronald A. Litz, homeowner and attorney at law, Beverly Hills


“…. You were extremely thorough in examining our granite. You explained step-by-step on how to care for it and which products to use. We were touched by your sincerity and truly felt that you had our best interests at heart. We have spent a great deal of money having granite installed in our home and no one ever took the time to tell us how to care for it before. We felt that you gave us the best advice even when it meant there wouldn’t be work for your company. You are extremely knowledgeable, warm, sincere and delightful. Thank you Don, you are truly a rare man!

Marie & Edward Hume, homeowners, Northridge.


“…. You really keep a personal touch and stay on top of whatever our needs might be.”

Pat Chui, Executive housekeeper, The New Otani Hotel, Los Angeles










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